Illegal Art hiatus

Illegal Art is on indefinite hiatus.  

This change in status is not due to any legal issues, and we are still committed to fighting any legal battles over our 15-year catalog of releases.  

All active artists will continue to release material, just through other channels. 

Our site will remain online and we’re working to add older releases until the entire catalog is available.

Too Deep - Girl Talk

Enjoy another Girl Talk track for Back-Track Tuesday. This time it’s “Too Deep”, from Night Ripper

Can't Stop - Girl Talk

It’s time for “Can’t Stop”, from Girl Talk’s 2004 album Unstoppable

Too Much Anthrax - B'o'k

Today we are offering up something a little different for Back-Track Tuesday. “Too Much Anthrax” is a selection from the politically charged audio-collage B’o’k album, Afraid of Enduring Freedom

more comedic mashups from Steinski tjmiller steinski
Depth of Width (Part 5) - Touch People

Check out the glitch-tech jam that is “Depth of Width (Part 5)” this Back-Track Tuesday! The song comes from Touch People’s 2011 LP, Show Me Your Dimensions.

Gift for Økapi (EP: happily-reversed / TRACK: Don’t turn your back) from cino_Oz

Lost In The Dark - People Like Us

Another Tuesday, another opportunity to revisit a song Illegal Art holds dear. Enjoy the relaxing “Lost In The Dark”, from the 2011 People Like Us album Welcome Abroad.

Økapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra meet More*Tv*V. Opera Riparata

Golden Girl - Junk Culture

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week we’re chilling out to “Golden Girl” from Junk Culture’s Summer Friends

Galaxie 500’s ‘Tugboat’ was played 7,800 times on Pandora in the first quarter of 2012, for which its three songwriters were paid a collective total of 21 cents, or seven cents each.
— Damon Krukowski "Making Cents"
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